Kearney Firefighters Association

Kearney Fire & Rescue Protection District, Kearney, MO

Here is a list of the equipment the Kearney Firefighters Association currently owns.

Built in the early 1900’s this is representative of the type of fire protection in Kearney until 1949. While this actual piece did not serve Kearney, a hand engine similar to it is known to have existed here.

Kearney’s first motorized fire engine, a 1935 Ford is currently undergoing restoration. This truck served Kearney from 1949-1960. It was replace by a 1957 Ford.

This truck is currently owned by Assistant Chief Don Washam. It is the truck that replaced Old Red.

We maintain a trailer equipped to put on a variety of contests for firefighter competitions. This trailer is used for the Firefighters Association of Missouri convention each year. It is also available for rental.

While Kearney is not known to have had a hose cart like this it would normally complement a hand engine. This piece was acquired by a firefighter in Kearney years ago and recently restored.

Obenchain-Boyer No. 85 Chemical Fire Engine

Contest Trailer



Hand drawn hose cart